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Choosing a personalized baby gift can make it particularly unique for the recipient, whether you are buying for a new mother or a parent on their fourth child. Personalizing a gift for the child allows you to show how much the child means to you while creating a one-of-a-kind gift. You spent additional effort and consideration choosing the ideal baby present, and their parents will be very grateful.

What if, though, you are unsure about the baby’s gender? Or the baby’s name is a secret among the parents? Or you can’t make it to the baby shower? Here are some suggestions and gift ideas if you want to make a personalized baby gift but are missing some essential details.

Personalize an essential item.

A newborn has many needs, including strollers, car seats, swaddles, and more. Onesies, burp rags, and blankets are essentials for babies. Consider personalizing one of the essentials a newborn needs if you don’t want to add anything else to their nursery. For example, a baby blanket personalized with their name or nickname is a thoughtful gift.

Opt for a monogram

A monogram is always a good idea, especially if the parents choose preppy or traditional attire. Depending on the monogram’s design, you might need to know the child’s middle name. The order is first, middle initial, then final initial if all the letters in the block are the same size. However, if the monogram includes a larger center initial, the order is first, last, and middle initial.

Towels, onesies, burp cloths, baby blankets, and hats are just a few of the baby-themed presents that monograms look great on. These make perfect christening gifts.

Engraving the first name

If you only know the first name or are unsure of the middle name, opt for a straightforward name engraving. You can engrave the baby’s name on various baby gifts, similar to a monogram. Onesies, bibs, and blankets are practical presents that kids will use frequently.

You can even choose a traditional keepsake like a sippy cup or teething ring as a gift. Giving them a gift they can use every day is not always necessary. A sentimental gift like a silver bracelet can make a perfect heirloom they might pass down to future generations.

Wall decor

You can create a wall decor with your unique style that fits the nursery’s theme. Make the baby’s first or last name appear as a large letter in the print. The parents will enjoy admiring the image whenever they are in the nursery, regardless of the design.

A customized baby toy

Customized toys, automobiles, trucks, plush animals, and more are adorable 1st birthday gifts. Specify the baby’s last name or only their initial. Consider customizing a stuffed bear with which the infant can play as they grow.

The takeaway

Think of additional ways to assist when the baby is born before you cave and buy a gift card. Cooking a meal for the new (and exhausted) parents, offering to walk the family dog, or even simply leaving a meaningful card letting them know you’re thinking about them are all kind gestures.

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