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Far from these staggering figures, and intended for a much less fortunate clientele, the prestigious house offered this year for Christmas a direct sale of very interesting lots in its ephemeral store, avenue Matignon in Paris, with recent jewels, such as the Love bracelet from Cartier. Be careful however, like other sectors, in particular that of collector’s watches, the price of jewelery varies significantly according to the classifications: old, modern, vintage or contemporary. The former are the most sought after and the most likely to see their value appreciate over time. So, in the long term, to realize a capital gain on resale.

A simple and inexpensive way to invest in gold

Antique jewelry is also a simple way to invest in gold. The course of the latter depends on multiple criteria: geopolitical conflicts, international demand (Indians are the first consumers in the world), interest rates… Which explains why “investment gold” is more complex to apprehend for the particular lambda as “ornamental gold”. Not to mention the pleasure, a jewel being first intended to be worn. There is something for all tastes and all budgets, with a modest starting bet, a few hundred euros. A sum lower than the prices of certain ingots because gold jewelry is often composed of other metals to increase its resistance. But, unlike ingots, which you cannot resell for more than their value in gold,the solidarity tax on wealth .

Another advantage: you are sure to invest in quality stones. They sometimes come from old mines, like those of Golconde, in India, for diamonds. To negotiate, it is better to surround yourself with professionals specialized in jewelry. Stephen Portier, from the expertise firm Emeric & Stephen Portier, advises his clients on their purchases, in particular at sales organized by the Crédit Municipal de Paris, and, above all, indicates the maximum price to bet. In the jewelery sector, many copies circulate. So the expert is also there to look for proof of authenticity, by checking the hallmarks,

Attractive prices and a good action

A guarantee also offered by auction houses. If they are primarily aimed at an informed public, capable of paying the price for exceptional pieces, they are also open to the general public. Philippe Ancelin, director and auctioneer of Drouot Estimations, reminds us: “We reach different segments of the market. We organize prestige sales for an international clientele which represents nearly 30 to 40% of the public. per month, we orchestrate classic jewelry sales from 200 euros.” Bargains can also be unearthed at Crédit Municipal de Paris, formerly Mont-de-Piété, which organizes its own auctions. Fees on sales (commissions) are the lowest on the market, at 14,

What offer attractive prices and the opportunity, insists Jean-Pierre Esteveny, director of loans, sales and conservation, “to do a good deed by helping an individual in need to pay his debts!” If you don’t like to bet at auction or if you don’t have time to attend sales, go to antique dealers specializing in old jewelry, like Dary’s, founded in 1932 in Paris. “The advantage of going through a shop such as ours is to benefit from real advice as well as after-sales service. A plus for neophytes”, assures Vanessa Gy, in-house gemologist. In addition, on the Internet, dedicated sites, Blumfields or Collector Square, for example, allow customers in the Regions or abroad to access to the most beautiful lots. Again, all jewelry is appraised and certified.

Signatures, the first criterion to examine

It remains to know which models to favor. First, signed pieces. Fabienne Roux, director of Blumfields, underlines as follows: The signed jewels work well. For example, Cartier and Jean Després for the 1930s, Boucheron for the 1950s or Chaumet for the 1970s. Buyers want an old piece of jewelery – either unique or produced in small quantities – with a signature that represents the best of creativity of each era. So of tangible value and very portable.

Other popular designers: Suzanne Belperron (1900-1983) and René Boivin (1864-1917), founder of the Boivin house. For Julie Valade, director of the jewelery department at Artcurial, “Suzanne Belperron is an icon in the history of jewelery because her production is intimate. As she did not sign her pieces – she indeed considered that her style was her signature – , we call on the expert Olivier Baroin to evaluate the piece and provide the seller with a certificate.” The prices are on par with the rarity. In 2014, at Drouot, an adornment made around 1935, consisting of an Indian-inspired collar and bracelet paved with sapphires, was sold for nearly 515,000 euros. Also highly rated, his creations for the Boivin house,

As for René Boivin, the most sought-after jewels are those from the first years of his jewelry business. Like the Elephant necklace, made up of diamonds, some of which are colored. On December 6, Christie’s sold it for 146,500 euros. It had been estimated between 30,000 and 50,000 euros. These auctions also included an original object by the designer, a perfume case from the 1940s in ruby ​​and enamel. Estimated between 1,000 and 1,500 euros, it was sold for 4,750 euros. Correct prices for pieces that will increase in value over time. In addition to the signature, you can target certain periods, especially Art Deco. For Vanessa Gy,

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