Is it Okay to Leave My Dog in His Harness?

Although some people leave their dog’s collar on all the time, vets usually recommend taking it off when the dog is at home, or at the very least overnight. There are several reasons for this. For starters, it is more comfortable for a dog to be without the collar all the time, and sometimes a collar for dogs can even cause irritation or lost fur. So, is this the same for a harness. The experts at Voyager Harness say that while a harness is often more comfortable for a dog when walking on a leash, it may not be the best idea to leave your dog in the harness throughout the day. And here’s why…

Wearing a Harness All Day is Uncomfortable

In the same way that wearing a collar throughout the day might become uncomfortable for your dog, so too would it be to be stuck in a harness. Although designed to reduce pressure on a dog’s chest, back, and shoulders when walking, a harness is not something that is designed for all-day use. Imagine wearing your coat indoors all day long. You would soon get very uncomfortable.

A Harness Could Irritate Your Dog’s Skin

Short-term use of a harness is usually fine for most dogs, but if left on for an extended period of time it could cause his fur to become matted and eventually fall out. It could also irritate the dog’s skin, which could also result in a loss of fur.

A Harness Could Injure Your Pet

Harnesses should only be worn under supervision. If you leave a harness on your dog when he is alone, he might start to chew at it, which could then become a choking hazard. There is also the risk that the straps could get caught in the bars of a crate, for example.

It is Unhygienic

Dogs can be quite smelly, particularly when they get wet. If your dog is in a harness all day, it is likely that it will get dirty and itself begin to smell. This is unhygienic for your dog and is simply not very nice all round.

When Should Your Dog Wear a Harness?

A harness is a great alternative to a dog collar, particularly for dogs that like to pull when walking on a leash. It prevents injury to the neck area, and there are even collars that are designed to prevent pulling.

Furthermore, a pet harness can be helpful should your dog get into danger when out for a walk. Most harnesses come with grab handles, but even those that don’t still make it easier for you to pull your dog away from danger if necessary.

Furthermore, when it comes to nighttime walks, a harness is ideal because you can buy high visibility versions made from reflective material, or you could even attach reflective strips to make the dog more visible.

Most experts agree that a harness is something that should only be worn by a dog when he is out for a walk. You should only put a harness on your dog indoors when you are training him to get used to it. Even then though it should only be worn for a few minutes at a time and only under supervision.


There are many reasons not to leave a harness on your dog all the time. Wearing a harness inside is uncomfortable and unhygienic, and it could even cause your dog’s skin to become irritated. It is therefore advisable to only put your dog in a harness when going for walks outside.

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