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In today’s world where everyone is extremely self-aware and aim at taking good care of their physical and mental wellbeing, having an affordable yet effective hair care routine can bring a positive change in your life. The hair care products available in the market can sometimes be very costly and in no way fit into your budget friendly routines. Hence, in this article we share some budget haircare for every hair type.

  1. Oil your hair with affordable products such as Mamaearth Hibiscus Damage Repair Hair Oil: Both coconut oil and Amla oil are considered to provide deep rooted nutrition to your hair, but what is even more effective is the use of hibiscus oil. You can oil it for one hour before washing your hair and it will add to the strength and smoothness of your hair.
  2. Use L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Shampoo to cleanse your hair: It is not necessary to buy a costly shampoo to ensure that your hair is cleansed properly, rather it is important that you use a chemical free shampoo, so that there is no chemical harm done to your scalp. Also, a chemical free shampoo like L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Shampoo gently cleanses your hair without leaving any chemical residual in your hair. A DIY haircare tip here, is to use curd and cornflour for cleansing your hair at least twice a week.
  3. Apply hair mask when you go to sleep: To maintain a low- cost routine, you can buy an affordable hair mask like Streax Professional Vitariche Care Smooth & Shine Masque to apply every night. This hair mask works like a night cream and rejuvenates the hair overnight. Another effective product to use is Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum to apply for making your hair smooth and shiny, once you wash off your mask.
  4. Detangle your hair without using any detangling cream: If you are not into frugal haircare and like to invest efficiently, the easiest way to detangle your hair without using any detangling cream is by gently moving the comb over your hair without running it right through your hair. This will with repeated efforts, detangle your hair without much pain or hair loss. Another point to add here is to not brush in dry hair but do it when your hair is wet.
  5. Use aloe vera to condition your hair: Instead of buying costly conditioners, you can simply use aloe vera extract to condition your hair. After shampoo apply aloe vera extract on your hair, leave it for 2 mins and wash it with water. You may want to use a gentle cleanser in the end to ensure that there are no aloe vera remains in your hair.

Taking care of your hair doesn’t have to be expensive! Nature provides plenty of ingredients that can help you achieve healthy hair without breaking the bank. Look for affordable hair care products that are free of harsh additives. Divaaglam offers a great selection of all-natural hair care products that are gentle on your hair and wallet. By following a natural hair care routine, you can achieve beautiful, healthy hair for less!

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