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Indeed, you should not neglect the morphology of your face to choose your haircut. The primary goal is to highlight your personality, hence the importance of following all our advice. So you have to find your face shape (heart, square, diamond, round, long and oval) in order to find the best haircut and we decided to help you.

The hairstyles to consider in relation to your face

Depending on your morphology, it is sometimes necessary to highlight certain areas or soften others, especially if you have a fairly square and angular face. Of course, for more important and detailed information, it is possible to approach a hairdresser who will have the skills to advise you.

For the rectangular face in order to soften the shape of your jawline, you must opt ​​for a curtain or rounded fringe and it must be a length at the shoulders .

For an oval face, opt for a ponytail, a bun, a braid or even a fairly short boyish cut.

For the square face, it is necessary to soften the features, the parting on the side will be preferred and we also recommend the Bob square.

For the heart-shaped face, the side parting is also interesting, but you should soften the forehead with voluminous bangs and a pixie cut.

With a diamond or diamond face, the ponytail will be preferable since the cheekbones are rounded.

For the round face, forget the short haircuts borrowed from men, give preference to a good length of hair.

With the triangle face, the gradient will be perfect.

You now have relevant advice to take full advantage of your new haircut and remember that there are always disadvantages in relation to your face. It is therefore necessary to know these weak points to move more easily towards a suitable cut. Therefore, if you have a choice that is not in line with your morphology, you could emphasize your weak points, and not your advantages.

Finally, the choice of cut is as precise as the selection of clothes, which is essentially based on the morphology of your body.

What are the weak points of faces?

Women with a triangular face often have a strong jawline while the forehead is relatively small . The round morphology is quite problematic since the forehead as well as the jawline, and even the cheeks are somewhat rounded, so you will not be able to opt for all cuts. The cheekbones are also there with a diamond-shaped face, you can also reduce all the features with the contouring technique which is very effective.

The forehead is often wide while the jawline is narrow for women with a heart-shaped face. The line can be interesting to reduce the width of the eyebrows. The square face is probably the most complex, because the angles are marked and the features can be harsh. You can soften the look with a light color, but also a haircut that softens your expression. The jawline is often very strong and you have wide cheekbones.

The oval face is undoubtedly the most pleasing since it only has advantages, women can then adopt all the cuts they want, it is the most versatile in the world of hairstyles.

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