With autumn well established and the imminent arrival of the cold season, I wanted to give you some advice for building a smart wardrobe, which will save you from exclaiming every morning: “I don’t I have nothing more to wear!”. Every woman’s dream, right?

The essentials of a wardrobe-Kara Bijoux & Style

By having these basics in your wardrobe, you make sure to optimize the possibilities of mix and match, to have outfits to wear in all circumstances and to avoid headaches in front of your closet every morning. Thanks to these timeless classics, you will make endless looks and you will look great!

Although there are essential pieces for each season and some for the whole year, we will focus here more on the fall-winter basics as well as those present all year round. We will come back to those spring-summer in another article.

Did you know that a well-constructed wardrobe should contain 50% essential basics (their style never goes out of style), neutral pieces? This will allow you to be creative and match your trendy pieces with these for a variety of different looks. Far from a flat wardrobe!

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About 50 pieces are needed to build a smart wardrobe offering a great variety of combinations throughout the year, i.e. 21 3-season essentials + 14 spring/summer essentials + 14 autumn winter.

There is a big list of essentials and every stylist has their own. I present here my essential basics. Note that a few pieces may be added over the years depending on new trends that are here to stay.

1- Jacket or blazer

The jacket can be worn both chic and casual depending on our occupation and our needs. Perfect when you have a doubt about the dress code ! It will also look great with pants, skirts, dresses or jeans. (It can be oversized or cinched at the waist) .

2- Classic straight pants (black)

Depending on the top you wear, it can give a dressier or more casual look.

3- Skirt with a cut that suits us

Choose it in a neutral color: black, brown, navy, beige. The knee length suits the majority of silhouettes. Choose the cut according to the silhouette.Kara suit jacket pants

*You can also get a 3-piece suit that includes the items mentioned above (matching jacket, pants and skirt) and deconstruct them as needed.

4- Little black dress (PRN)

The famous little black dress saves our lives (in terms of clothing) in many situations! Very versatile, especially when you choose it in a rather classic cut, it quickly becomes our best ally for days lacking inspiration and unexpected evenings. You can quickly modify the look by changing the top, the shoes, the tights, the accessories or by adding a belt, for example. Depending on your skin tone or preference, you can also opt for a navy or dark gray or other neutral color dress.Kara Blog The Essentials – Little Black Dress

5- Classic cut dark jeans (+ Relaxed jeans)

Opt for a straight cut as much as possible because it will stand the test of time and suits all silhouettes. You can go for a slightly slim fit if you prefer. Choose it quite dark and without too visible details (moustaches, holes, etc.). It will adapt to different needs and situations. Some will prefer to go for black jeans, that’s ok too, but dark blue will be more versatile. And, if you can, it’s interesting to have more relaxed jeans also for moments of relaxation and casual looks. But, if you have one to favor, definitely opt for the classic dark blue jeans!

6- White or light colored blouse

This super easy-to-match item is the perfect garment for a chic or casual outfit. It can be matched with all kinds of looks! It will be as pretty with jeans, a skirt, black pants as with leather pants.

If you have a cool complexion, white will be great. If you have a warmer complexion, opt for a cream, ivory or off-white blouse, which will be more flattering for your pretty face.

7- White (or black or gray) T-shirtBlog Kara The essentials – white t-shirt + black jeans

This rather banal piece at first glance, often missing in a wardrobe, is nevertheless a must. It will be magnificent paired with a jacket, a jacket, a cardigan, a checkered shirt, a skirt, jeans…in short, with everything! To “pimp” it, we simply add a beautiful piece of jewelry!Blog Kara The essentials – white t-shirt

Choose a round or V-neck according to your figure. Opt for a soft and silky cotton.

Ideally, have 2 quality t-shirts + 2 camisoles, which will allow multiple mix and match.

8- Big knit

An ultra comfortable sweater that will keep you warm throughout the cold season. This item offers great layering possibilities. What’s more, it’s a strong trend this season! To choose according to your degree of nervousness.Blog Kara Essentials – sweater

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