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When it comes to accessories, there is no shortage of choice. But which ones are really essential? To have an impeccable look, accessories are essential to a beautiful wardrobe. We have compiled a list of the 10 must-have accessories in life. They seduce us with their timeless character, a guarantee of durability and good taste. And like any great classic, they are unisex and readily adapt to all genres. Browse the list of our favorite accessories: find out which ones you already own and which ones you’ll want to buy second-hand on Vestiaire Collective.

The vintage handbag

At the top of the line of the most resistant accessories, we find the handbag. There’s no more practical and stylish companion for carrying all your essentials. The designer bag is definitely a wardrobe staple, which lends itself perfectly to buying second-hand as it retains its value year after year. Some models even go so far as to increase in value over time, such as the Birkin from Hermès. This is the advantage of investing in a second-hand luxury bag on Vestiaire Collective: the day you want to part with it to adopt a new model, you will resell it at an attractive price.

True masterpieces, handbags are most often handcrafted with quality materials such as leather, which takes on an exceptional patina over the years. Most of our favorite bags can be worn by both men and women, like the mythical Birkin. In a more affordable range, try the timeless Keepall from Louis Vuitton or the Puzzle bag from Loewe.

Oscillating between casual and more sophisticated style, the handbag of your dreams that will accompany you everywhere is surely on Vestiaire Collective.

The branded belt

 More discreet than other accessories, the belt is a subtle way to add a chic and refined touch to all your looks. Gucci’s GG belt is a safe bet, whose success has not waned since its creation. Unisex piece par excellence, you can wear it every day, it will give you a unique look no matter what. Ultra-resistant, the leather with which it is designed allows you to put it on without fear of wearing it out, which makes it an essential accessory in your wardrobe.

If you’re nostalgic for the 2000s, the chain link belt is what you need. At Chanel, the chain belt has all the assets of a jewel and that is what gives it all its fashion potential. It is so versatile that nothing prevents you from wearing it with jeans, a dress and why not as a necklace.

Even if today we all have the time on our smartphones, the watch will always be trendy. Halfway between useful accessory and precious jewel, the watch has an aura that makes us nostalgic. We all have in mind a grandfather who elegantly wore his watch, like a rare object that is passed down from generation to generation. Acquiring a luxury watch in the vintage section of Vestiaire Collective allows you to bring the ultimate touch to all your looks.

Opting for a second-hand luxury watch is a wise choice. This timepiece is steeped in history, with a good dose of character and authenticity. Swiss quality creations are the most coveted and are no longer reserved for social outings. The height of luxury is to wear them every day, on any occasion. If the great classics by Cartier or Rolex make your heart beat faster, find them second-hand on Vestiaire Collective at lower prices.

Statement sunglasses

If you don’t want to go unnoticed, sunglasses are the accessory that will make all eyes shine on you. A strong piece of our wardrobes, sunglasses make your look shine and make you want to follow you with your eyes. Like Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour, two emblematic figures of style, their look would be nothing without their faithful black glasses.

Even if you don’t plan to wear your glasses day or night like these two fashion icons, choose them second-hand by selecting a model adapted to your lifestyle. To affirm your look which will become your fashion signature, appropriate the trends of the past. Adopt the iconic sunglasses that have marked the last decades to sharpen your own style:

It has invaded fashion shows for several seasons and has established itself as an essential fashion item to have in your collection. You’re not a fan of the total look, that’s good since the scarf blends subtly with the strong pieces of your wardrobe. Betting on a unisex tartan print scarf signed Burberry or dressed in the famous Monogram Louis Vuitton gives a twist to any outfit.

Designer scarves are positioned as works of art in their own right. The first Hermès scarf was created in 1937 and since then more than a thousand different models have been revisited by internationally renowned artists. These unique pieces are imbued with an exclusive character, which we want to collect. Opting for a Hermès scarf is a very interesting investment, especially if you buy it second-hand on Vestiaire Collective.

Small in size but immense in the emotion it exudes, the ring is a perfect gift to mark an event. Just like the watch, this precious jewel is transmitted from mother to daughter and crosses the decades without losing its splendor, proof of its exceptional character.

The ultimate symbol of love, the iconic Love de Cartier ring is a unisex jewel that is part of a range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Decorated with the iconic screw motif, this clean-lined ring seals a promise of love and reciprocal commitment.

To compose their wardrobe, Fashion Activists can limit the negative impact of the fashion industry on the planet by buying second-hand hats. Our community provides great pieces that will help keep you cool in the summer.

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